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March 8, 20133 years ago

DEATHRIDER proudly presents: Rock’n'Roll Overdose!!!

Friends, this is gonna be so much more than just your standard tour. It's rather a complete Rock'nRoll theme park! On stage, PSYCHOPUNCH, THE NEW BLACK, '77, V8WIXXER and SUPERCHARGER will kick your asses big time.

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April 16, 20124 years ago

Musikmesse: Great time!

As every year the Musikmesse in Frankfurt baited all the great names the music business has to offer. Of course DEATHRIDER wouldn't miss that, and so DEATHRIDERs Catha and Denise got to hang out with many interesting and really nice people in Frankfurt. The celebrities which Denise and Catha were
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March 19, 20124 years ago

Deathrider at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt

Attention: on March 22nd and 23rd, DEATHRIDER will be present at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt. If you're interested in our streetwear and/or our herbal liquor, just pay us and our friends from iMusic1 a visit.

In addition to a new shirt-design we will of course be distributing free samples
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March 19, 20124 years ago

31st “Anlassen” in Niedergründau

15th of April - It's that time of the year again: The sun is breaking through the clouds and you can catch a glimpse of shining metal. More and more loved machines are awoken from their hibernation.
Our regional highlight is the 31st "Anlassen" in Niedergründau. "Anlassen" in German is the
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December 16, 20115 years ago

DEATHRIDER at Work: Shirt

Remember the old saying: "If you want something done right, do it yoursel"?

Thats why we, DEATHRIDER, are trying to keep as many steps of the production internal, after all its our name on it.
The fashion, comfort and quality of the fabric are just as important as the conditions u
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